1 – Introduction

Hi – my name is Dieter De Vos and welcome to my blog. I made this blog so that i could have own personal site where i could easily post up anything related to my greatest passions in life: graphic design & cars and racing.

Dieter De Vos
born in 1982
located in Belgium
Bachelor Communication Management

Graphic Design
I’ve worked with Adobe Photoshop for the past 10 years, but 5 years ago I learned a lot about the entire Adobe Package. Today I’m a fully qualified graphic designer and simply love this type of work. The ability to express my creative thoughts is something which is extremly liberating and satisfying. And every so often I get to do some amazing things directly linked to my passion for cars and racing. In these times I consider myself very lucky to be able to do what i do.

Cars & Racing
This passion is in my blood, my grandfather was a dealer for Volkswagen, Audi & Porsche so I grew up surrounded by the automobile. That in combination with the legendary F1-times of the late 80’ies – early 90’ies and voilĂ , someone who considers this passion almost to be their reason for living ;).

introduction me

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